Dekha Undekha: Conversations About Art and Health in Urban India

The idea for Dekha Undekha came from SNEHA’s work with Mumbai’s disadvantaged majority. Urban health is a big concern for India and many different organisations are working to improve it. It seemed to us that different groups – residents, health experts, artists – should speak with each other more than they do. Our big idea was based on three little ones. First, to try to arrange for local people with artistic skills to work together with established artists. Second, to help them discuss urban health issues that they face in their everyday lives, and to use the issues as inspiration for artworks. Third, to work with health experts to make sure that questions could be answered and artworks would be meaningful and important.

Ghar pe/Ghari/At home is the first product of the big idea. It looks like a home without walls. It contains furniture and possessions, but the home is really a museum of health: a big artwork made from smaller pieces, each made from even smaller pieces. Every piece, from the smallest to the biggest, was conceived collaboratively and combines photography, ceramics, and textile art.

Ghar pe/Ghari/At home is an installation about many things: your home, your health, your family and friends. It is also about dreams: for health and happiness, for success, and for the future.

From little things big things grow.

David Osrin

Senior Advisor, SNEHA

February 2012